Hot Trends in Scrapbooking

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Though scrapbooking seems like something I havent had time for in a long while ( 2 and 4 year olds do that to you!), Ive found an awesome listing of the hottest new trends in scrapbooking.  A lot of these techniques I started doing before they became popular and its exciting to see more people pick it up.

Here are some of the great techniques they list with short descriptions on what its all about:

Screenprint Papers
Silk Wrapping Papers
Mulberry paper


Paper Crumpling
Paper Tearing
Scanning images for creating your own paper
Using scenery photos for letters and decorations

Read the full article here.

Page Map I found online

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WOW life really got a hold of me this time. Its been REALLY long since I last posted.

In a bout of nostalgia I was remembering how much I miss the days when I had time to scrapbook!With 2 little ones my time is not my own. So in an effort to preserve my creativity and love for scrapbooking Ive tried to do more on the digital side. Even my site has elements from a digital scrapbooking kit I sell on the web store.

I think I have mentioned this site before but they really have evolved since the days of just putting up some sketches made on the fly.

Digital Scrapbook Layout Page Map Sketch

This looks like a super neat layout to make that could be a guide for digital or traditional results.

If you make it send me a pic to put up on the blog!


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Don't mind the changes to our blog. I'm currently updating it. Soon the template will return back to normal and all your favorite features will be available again!

Save some $ and make your own scrapbook ornaments!

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I found this great little example online at on how to make your own scrapbook ornaments! . This is something right up my ally and if I had time I'm sure I could make a killing selling these!

First off you'll need to print out the pattern from this link.

scrapbook ornament pattern

next you'll need to cut out the scrapbook ornament and score on the lines. You can do this with a ruler and dull point.

scrapbook ornament pattern cut out

make sure to use a bone folder or a dull edge to smooth out the ornament along the creases to make the edges very exact.


"It is much easier to add photos and embellishments to your pyramid when it is still flat. Be sure to determine which point will be at the top so that all of your photos are right side up on the finished scrapbook ornament. Add photos, cardstock strips, punchies, buttons, brads, ribbon, and more to completely cover the ornament. You may wish to journal on the bottom triangle. "

decorating your scrapbook ornament

"Assemble the pyramid by adding a strip of photo tape to each flap and gluing it shut. If you wish to make this a gift box, simple leave on flap un-taped and tuck it in like a lid at the end. To hang your scrapbook ornament you can use a small piece of thin ribbon or floss that you string through the top of the pyramid with an embroidery needle."

finished scrapbook ornament

You know have a super cute handmade decoration for your tree. Have the whole family make one each year to add to your ornament collection and save some $ on replacing holiday ornaments that break.

Preserving your Paper crafts and Altered Art

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I’ve learned that though I make items to preserve memories the item itself needs to be preserved as well.

Lately Ive been coating my projects with Mod Podge. They have matte, glossy, even sparkles! I use the gloss to give a nice sheen to my projects and the matte when I just want the added protection.

This really helps when you have handmade or papered projects like albums and altered tins that get a lot of handling. This will keep the paper from smudging, fading or becoming dirty and worn.

You can also use mod podge to stiffen paper and make it thicker.

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